Wednesday, March 7, 2012

So I've got a blog now...

I've decided to start a blog to house my rants, crazy ideas, and geek-outs. There will be no rhyme or reason as far as topics go, but as you can probably tell from the title of my blog, the bookstore (aka work aka seventh circle of hell aka you get the picture) will be a prominent feature.

First off, I needed a name for my little soapbox. Couldn't just call it "April's Blog" now could I? How about "April and Her Quest to Get Out of Retail" ? Nope, too long. In the end, I decided to go with a question I get asked quite often at The Bookstore, "Where is Non-Fiction?". To an outsider, you may think that this question is a perfectly valid one. To those who have known the joys of working in a bookstore, you know how annoying this question is.

Let me explain.

Most of The Bookstore is made up of non-fiction books. So the answer to that question is this:

Of course the real answer does vary. You could be responded to any number of ways.

  • "What subject are you looking for?"
  • "Most of the store is non-fiction."
  • "Well, there's some over there." points "Some more over there." points another direction
I do worry about society when after I've asked what specific subject within non-fiction they are looking for, I am told, "I just need non-fiction." You are on your own then.


  1. I just started a blog too! Mine's about nail polish though...maybe I should make one about cafe too. Hahahaha, that would be funny! This is Chandra btw, in case you didn't figure it out!

  2. LOL I love your pictures you add to your posts. =D