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Genre: Fantasy

Rachel Morgan Series by Kim Harrison

I got hooked on this series within the last couple years. It falls under what some publishers like to call "Urban Fantasy" where fantasy elements like witches, vampires, werewolves, etc live in a modern day, or urban, setting. The series follows Rachel Morgan, a young witch who runs a detective agency along with a vampire and pixy. There is action, romance, comedy, and mystery all mixed together. The latest book came out in February and I had it read in two days.

By far, the one who steals every scene he's in is Jenks the pixy. He may be tiny, but he can kick some ass when he needs to. He also has some of the best lines in the series. Here are just a few:

"Come on, Rachel!" Jenks shrilled. "You're a badass, not a bad witch."

"Tink's a Disney whore!"

"Rache, take this sword and stick it in me. Just go and stick it in me. I'm a back-drafted, crumple-winged, dust-caked, dew-assed excuse of a backup. Worthless as a pixy condom. Taken down by my own partner. Just tape my ass shut and let me fart out my mouth."

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