Sunday, March 18, 2012

Geeks: The Next Generation

My daughter just turned 7 and over the years I've experienced several, what I call, "geek parent" moments with her. These little moments make my geeky self proud. Let's start at the very beginning. To be perfectly honest, her name has a geek origin.

Recognize her? If you do, greetings fellow gamer. If not, let me introduce you. That is Cammy from the video game series Street Fighter. There, I've come clean. My daughter is essentially named after a video game character. While playing the game, I always thought that Cammy would be such cute nickname for a daughter. That lead me to Camylia, which can be shortened down to Cammy, though we tend to spell it Camy. She does not have blonde hair though.

Here are some other "geek parent" moments:

  • When she was about 2 or 3 years old I asked her, "Where does Captain Picard live?" and she pointed to the large picture of the Enterprise hanging on the wall. Yes, we have a picture of the Enterprise in our living also lights up. Nearly brought a tear to my eye.

  • There was another time when I asked what we should watch and she said, "I want to watch Star Trek." Tears again.

  • Through the wonders of late night public television she has discovered He-Man and She-Ra, so she wields her plastic sword and cries, "For the honor of Greyskull!" I dug out some of my old She-Ra dolls and gave them to her.

  • When given the choice between a Build-a-Bear Happy Meal Toy or a Star Wars one, she chose Star Wars. She also has a "light saber" toy that she told her friends at school about prompting an argument over whether or not girls can like Star Wars. Camy said she told the boys that Star Wars is indeed for girls too. Hell yes, young padawan!  

  • Anytime she sees me watching a tv show or movie that looks remotely medieval or fantasy-like her first response is, "Are you watching Lord of the Rings again?" She doesn't quite have the patience for those movies yet, but she does like the earlier Harry Potter movies.

  • Lastly, she plays a mean Mario Kart Wii. She's not quite as ruthless as I am with the turtle shells, but she can kick butt as Princess Peach on a Mach bike.

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