Friday, March 9, 2012

My Crazy Obsession

Since there is a TV show of the same name and it is a trending topic on Twitter, let's go with this as a blog subject.

Obsession - the domination of one's thoughts or feelings by a persistent idea, image, desire, etc.

I'll admit I have obsessions. Not as bad as some of the people featured on the show, but obsessions that sometimes effect my life. Let's go with Nightmare Before Christmas...

This primarily affects my wallet and to another extent my living space. Stick Jack Skellington's face on something and I will want to buy it. I have gotten much better recently at controlling my urges, but it is hard. Especially at Disneyland, where there is a whole store devoted to it! I've got clothing, purses, figurines, several incarnations of the soundtrack and the movie, plush, and dishware!

The thing is I don't even know when it started! Maybe that's the thing about obsessions - you are waist deep into them before you even realize it. I honestly believe that if I ever meet Tim Burton or Danny Elfman I will have a complete fangirl meltdown. That would be my Beatles moment. I fear security may need to be called.

                                          My favorite one of my collection.

I have other obsessions because why have just one, that's no fun!

Harry Potter. I don't own quite as many Harry Potter collectibles as I do Nightmare, but I have a lot. I've dressed up as a Hogwarts student (Slytherin House, ftw) and as a professor. I've had heated debates with people that think that Harry Potter leads kids to the devil. So much so that I've had to walk away before I completely lost it. Let's not forget the fanfiction! I believe that how much I'm into something is directly proportional to how much fanfiction I read.

I wonder what makes me throw myself so passionately into certain things. Is there something in my personality that makes me different? Perhaps, it is that I make my obsessions known, while others keep it hidden. I will say that it is a wonderful feeling when you find other individuals who share your obsession. There is another silver lining to having obsessions - everyone knows what kind of gift to get you.      


  1. That Jack figure is AWESOME! It reminds me of Princess Mombi in "Return to OZ", I always wished I had interchangeable heads!

  2. I am now thinking of all kinds of Jack Skellington things I can make and sell to you... MU HA HA. lol. JK... (sorta) Would Camy like a Jack Skellington Tutu for Halloween?? lol.